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General Info of Chambal

History of Chambal

Chambal - a name that instilled fear in the bravest of hearts now beckons you to face the challenge of your life, an exciting week of adventure amidst spine chilling legends in the exotic wilderness of the ravines. Explore the picturesque Chambal river and indulge yourself in the various water splashes. Get involved in the Treasure Hunt, a race against time for your brain and body as you find your way through the endless maze of the ravishing ravines. Get your adrenaline pumping on a hot air balloon as you see the ravines from where nobody has seen them. Relive the legendary battle between the Scindhyas and the Bhadawars as you try to conquer the imposing fort of Ater. Not for the chicken hearted as it involves a steep climb through the stone walls of the fort. Revitalize your spirits as you go for parasailing and explore other adventure games of our package. Welcome to a week of adventure

S.No Activity / Event Time Line Participants / Sponsors Purpose Remarks
01 Logo design competition June 2010 All eligible persons up to age of 30 yrs Awareness regarding sports.env. consv,tourism activity and triggering activity Prize for selected logo Rs 10000/-
02 Development of sites June/July 2010 Line departments, local people, Consultants To create basic facilities for organizing event named Chambel Challenge Ravine area funds, Private partnership funds and sponsorships will be raised
03 Linkages with tour travel agencies July /August 2010 Renowned hotel from Delhi, Gwalior and Agra/Tour travel agencies/MPTDC For incorporating the Chambel challenge event in their package For bringing Bhind in tourist circuit
04 Chambel Challenge(Launching event) Adventure sports week October 2010 Tourist from India and abroad & School/college children To formally start trigger tourism & adventure activities in Bhind and adventure cum training trip of school/college children The event will be outsourced and a camping site will be developed by outsourcing agency with help of CTDC

Treasure Hunt

Chambal Treasure Hunt is a race against time for your brain and body as you try to find your way through the seemingly endless maze of the ravine topography. As the name signifies, you are to seek the treasure hidden deep inside the wilderness of the ravines within a stipulated time period. This is probably the first adventure of its kind that is going to stretch the limits of your brawn and brain equally. You have the option of doing it alone or your partner can accompany you as you start on this nerve wrenching expedition.

A definite area of the Beehad region has been earmarked for this purpose. This is an year long activity. The person who finds the treasure in the shortest possible time among the participants for the whole year will walk away with the bumper prize and the reputation of being the best in brawn and brain. At the beginning of the game the adventurer will be shown a road map to the treasure. The map contains five cues in the form of five flags which will act as milestones.

Once the adventure starts you are on your own. So if you want to reach out for the map or seek any other helpline, you do it at the risk of losing time at the other end. Beware. If you wander into the danger zone, you will lose precious time as you will have to battle it out with unforeseen contingencies. But if luck favours you, and you manage to reach the Soldiers point, you get a bonus as the soldiers out there will gift you with an extra cue that will lessen your distance from the treasure.

The rustic terrain may vex your body. The menacing maze may close in on you. But your challenge is to steady yourself and keep running. Dare it. Do it.

Places Of Tourist Attraction


Chambal safari,Famous ravines(Behhad) of Bhind the hiding area of Dacoits(Phoolan devi/Gabbar Singh/Mohar Singh),Fort of Ater,the voilent Chambal river,Jain Atishya Khetras and many places of interest.The Treasure hunt Chamal Challange and adcenture sport,trekkingbana ride are added pleasure in the trip.


It was built by Bhadauria King Badan Singh, Maha Singh and Bakhat Singh in the era 1664-1668 after them the area is known as "BADHWAR". It is located deep inside the ravines of Chambal. Now it is in a dilapidated condition.

It is located 35 Kms in west of the Bhind city. Transportation is available from 6 Am to 4 Pm. One can go by bus or jeep which are easily available from the Bus stand/ Ater Road.

The main attractions of the fort are 'Khooni Darwaza', 'Badan Singh Ka Mahal', 'Hathiapor', 'Raja Ka Bangla', 'Rani Ka Bangla' and 'Barah Khamba Mahal'. Another fort situated in the Bhind city was also built by Bhadoriya King to keep control over rebellions in the era 1654-1684. During Scindia reign Darbar hall was constructed in which at present a museum is conducted by District Archeological Association Bhind (M.P).


It was built by Jat Kings Maha Singh in 16th century .The fort is dilapidated but a Mahal is still housing several Government offices. The fine carvings of Mahal is still worth viewing.The 'Kachhari Mahal' is a unique example of the Iranian Art. One can reach there by bus.

Apart from these places, the world famous ravines are the places worth visiting. These are providing hide out in the district to law disobeying persons. Five rivers which flow around the district mainly Pahuj, Sindh, Kunwari, Chambal and Yamuna meet together in an area of 2 kms named as "PACHNADA" The places just neighboring to the district are actually located in U.P. but this is a rare phenomenon where five rivers confluence at one juncture.


It is located in Bhind town. It is a Shiv Mandir built by the Mandir built by the king, Prathwiraj Chauhan in 1175 AD. It is told that "Jyoti" is continously flamed since then.


These are the old temples and their existence is located to the visit of Lord Mahavir Swami in the area.Located on Bhind Gwalior Road , 5 Kms in south east of Bhind. The only available means of transport are tanga or personal vehicle.


It is located in Gohad Tehsil near Mau and is told as the birthplace of Maharshi Parashuram. Folklore linked to Parashuram is that his father ordered to cut the head of Mother Renuka which he complied with and as a prize asked for revival of the dead Mother which Maharshi Jamdagini, his father solicited.The temple was built at the place of this activity.In the temple the idol of Deity Mother Renuka with a separated head is there in the temple.


Good circuit house in ater,forest rest house,tentage accomodation and various hotels in Bhind having comfortable stay lodging,boarding & guide facility.

Excursions of Chambal

Where To Stay

Tour Packages of Chambal

Touch the soul of Bhind and blend in with its various hues through any of these packages listed below. You get free accommodation in our tent houses in the camping site near Ater Fort. Get to know the flavours and aroma of Chambal. Take part in various adventure sports according to your preference and time. Enliven the evenings around a camp fire as you witness the cultural events unfold.

The adventure activities include the following :

  • Chambal Treasure Hunt
  • Water rides
  • Banana ride
  • Alligator and Dolphin spotting
  • Para Sailing
  • Hot air ballooning
  • Rock climbing
  • Zorbo ball
  • Packages
  • Silver: Two days and one night with the above mentioned facilities. MRP:2222
  • Gold : Three days and two nights with the above mentioned facilities. MRP:3333
  • Platinum: Five days and four nights with the above mentioned facilities. MRP:6699

Other Events

The CTDC executive body has decided to launch the tourism promotion campaign in Bhind by a Big event in October 2010 as �Chambel Challenge in which adventure activities including cultural activities will be organized in a week long event involving all stake holders including tour travel agencies, private partners/sponsors, line departments, District administration and local people.

How to get there

Mere 120 Km from Agra and 80 Km from Gwalior airport Bhind is a emerging destination in tourist circuits.The destination is also connected to rail network with the nearest station Bhind and is connected with Gwalior,Agra,Morena on RailLine.The four lane road network is also a good connection and taxi can be hird from Agra/Gwalior

Map of Chambal